Mobile Applications

Mellon has the necessary infrastructures and specialized human resources to develop customized cross-platform mobile applications, interfaces and/or operating and technical features that will help organizations differentiate from competition and offer their customers a modern, all-embracing service experience.


Beacons are a type of a low-cost, micro-location-based technology that use Bluetooth low energy (BLE 4.0) and can be attached to any location or object, from walls and count...

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Mobile Queuing

Queuing Solutions via Internet, Mobile App & SMS Whether you are an organization with many appointments (embassy, hospital, police station) or you serve a substantial vol...

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Mobile Banking

Mellon presents the most versatile and flexible Mobile Banking solution for managing the transactions and interactions of Financial Institutions with their customers. Mellon’...

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Mobile Loyalty Programs

Traditional programs have driven loyalty by asking consumers to collect points or sign up for information on new product. But the effectiveness of these marketing tactics is...

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