HYDRAstor Series

High Performance Capacity-optimized Storage for Long-term Data

Data utilized during daily business comes with the risk of exposed to hardware failures and disasters such as fire. To protect data from such risks and ensure business continuity, a secure data backup solution is necessary. In addition, and also from a compliance perspective, long-term data storage is a mandatory demand.

HYDRAstor Series

HYDRAstor is a scale-out grid storage platform built on top of a scalable back-end object storage with inline global deduplication, solving present and future challenges for long-term data.

HYDRAstor’s scale-out grid architecture provides scalability of both performance and capacity, capacity optimization, advanced erasure-coded data protection, and high availability with node-level resiliency.
HYDRAstor can be further expanded and refreshed online with no data migration by incorporating newer generation hardware into the same grid system, maximizing investment protection.


  • High performance inline global deduplication
  • Massive linear scalability exceeding 158 PB and 5 PB/hr
  • High availability and no single point of failure
  • Advanced data protection with erasure-coded data resiliency
  • Investment protection and in-place hardware refresh

NEC Storage HYDRAstor grid architecture, which incorporates multiple nodes into a mesh, allows you to add nodes without the need for system downtime and freely scale up processing capability as well as storage capacity. Additionally, with the “automatic optimal configuration” feature, data migration, when adding and removing nodes, is automatically processed. These technologies enable system upgrades that require fewer man-hours compared to that required when implementing a entire new solution.