ePIN – Mellon

ePIN is an end-to-end software solution that allows a financial institution to issue or change the PIN of their customers electronically based on the split-knowledge principle.

Today, the majority of financial institutions and card issuers use PIN mailers to deliver by post or courier the PIN to the cardholder.

Benefits of ePIN Solution

Mellon ePIN can either complement or completely replace existing PIN generation and delivery procedures:

  • Considerable cost savings from paper, printing equipment, maintenance and postal expenses
  • Fast implementation
  • Speed – card holder no longer has to wait for days for their PIN mailers to be delivered, making the solution ideal for instant issuing
  • PIN delivery is made with maximum security
    • PIN is encrypted during the entire life-cycle
      • Thales HSM module is used to produce the cryptographic information that the customer needs to “discover” his PIN
      • All communications (requests/responses) between ePIN solution and other systems are encrypted
    • ePIN is following PCI security requirement –successfully audited by Trustwave
    • No storage of any information related to the customer or the card is required
  • Easy adaptation to bank systems & workflows.
  • Simplifies the card activation process for the card holders, providing at the same time an increased sense of security
  • Improves Eco profile – no paper is used