About Mellon Poland

Mellon Poland Sp.zo.owas founded in 2006 in Warsaw. The company provides specialized technology solutions and outsourced services to organizations with strong consumer business, such as Retail Banks, Insurance Companies, Public Utilities Companies, Telecommunications Providers and large Retailers.

Mellon Poland is a subsidiary of Mellon Technologies and member of Mellon Group of Companies. One of the biggest assets of Mellon Poland is the incorporation of the Group’s international know-how with the company’s local expertise and capabilities. This combination brings Mellon Poland in a unique position to address the needs of its customers, enabling them to improve their market share and profitability, effectively develop and manage their physical and digital channels and introduce competitive products and services with short time to market across Poland.

The two-tiered goal of Mellon Poland is:

  1. To assist its customers secure their investments in optimizing their delivery channels by offering them open, scalable solutions that will bring them well into the future
  2. To enable them to focus on their business strategy by providing them outsourced services that grant them operational flexibility in terms of time, money and resources while increasing their productivity and efficiency

Our customers benefit from field-proven scalable technologies, dedicated resources and a wide range of expert outsourced services, implemented and supported locally.

What distinguishes Mellon Poland:

  • The company’s management and consultants own extensive know how and proven capability offering valuable insight on the trends and developments that affect the business of its customers
  • The personnel is participating in regular training sessions and gets updated on all new technological and business trends
  • The company offers integrated solutions that combine the best local and international practices, to ensure that all the client engagements demonstrate significant value addition at every stage of the ‘transaction life-cycle’
  • As a member of Mellon Group of Companies, Mellon Poland incorporates the expertise of the different companies and the international reach of the group in its offerings to achieve optimum, cost effective results

Mellon Poland’s growth, firm cooperations and increasing client-base, prove its ability to provide a competitive advantage to its customers.