Cash & Logistics Solutions from Fiserv

Fiserv’s cash forecasting and optimization solutions from Mellon enable financial institutions to anticipate the needs of a number of cash points – including branches, vaults, ATMs, smart safes, teller cash recyclers and other automated devices – resulting in currency inventory reductions of 20 to 40 percent, while for service providers these solutions can help generate a new revenue stream by offering fee-based currency supply chain management services to respondent banks, partners and corporate customers.

• Reduce non-earning assets and optimize revenue
• Reduce costs and control spend management
• Manage risk and compliance by achieving central policy control and sensitive information oversights
• Improving currency and SST availability by improving adherence to FLMs & SLAs

Financial institutions can enhance profitability by more accurately managing the currency supply chain with Fiserv’s cash forecasting and optimization solutions by Mellon.

Device Manager

An event-driven problem management system that receives, analyzes, responds to and manages critical self-service device information. It is designed to make real-time managemen...

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An end-to-end cash management solution that reduces the time-consuming manual processes associated with merchants ordering and depositing cash. CorPoint is divided into two...

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Integrated Currency Manager

A web-based cash supply chain management and optimization tool that automates precise cash forecasts for cash points, including ATMs, branches, vendors and vaults and combin...

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