Integrated Currency Manager

A web-based cash supply chain management and optimization tool that automates precise cash forecasts for cash points, including ATMs, branches, vendors and vaults and combines complex forecasting functionality with historical trends to reduce currency outages and expensive emergency deliveries to restock empty ATMs.

With powerful automation and forecasting algorithms, it includes the following features:

  • Delivers optimization by lowering reserves and reducing currency overages or outages, increasing working capital
  • Process automation that increases productivity, improves transportation and reducing audit and IT expenses
  • Sophisticated analysis and reporting capable to deliver quick adjustments to shifts in cash demand
  • Links to all key elements of the currency network to recommend the most efficient cash delivery schedules
  • Support for multiple currencies and regional regulations
  • Secure and scalable web-based design that easily accommodates one to thousands of cash points
  • Availability as either an in-house hosted solution or as SaaS

Some of the benefits of its usage include:

  • Bank’s transportation schedules optimization
  • Balance of the cost of currency with the cost of delivering it
  • Elimination of excess currency inventories across your enterprise,
  • Increase of capital availability for investment
  • Ensuring that cash points are stocked for your customers.
  • For end-to-end problem management of your entire self-service network