Call Center Outsourcing


We generate real value and measurable results.

To many people this can mean different things, as your business demands, sector requirements, and objectives will be unique to you. With this in mind, at Mellon Poland we ensure that our team of contact center professionals and business experts, work effectively to ensure a perfect fit for your business.

This is how we deliver high quality contact center services that drive differentiation and improve your market position.


Why companies from all sectors trust Mellon Poland’s contact center services

  • Leverage the expertise of an international Group operating 10 call center sites across the CEE and SEE region
  • Gain from greater cultural affinity and reduce accent issues
  • Alleviate distance and time zone issues

Operational Benefits

  • Provide effective, responsive, and reliable customer service
  • Ensure high-quality and visibility with clear procedures and detailed reporting
  • Achieve lower costs (operational, infrastructure, labor)
  • Offer 24/7/365 customer service
  • Reduce staffing issues (hiring, training, managing)
  • Fortify business continuity (2 sites in Warsaw and Łotz)
  • Avail of multilingual, Live agent and IVR capabilities
  • Enhance your call center with multichannel options: phone, web chat, email, post, fax, SMS

Business Benefits

  • Create new business opportunities
  • Increase sales & sales efficiency
  • Improve profit margins
  • Enhance business productivity
  • Increase brand and product awareness
  • Accelerate market penetration
  • Increase response rate
  • Personalize communication


In recognition of the superior services it offers, the numerous success stories and its continuous development, Mellon Poland has been benchmarked and awarded by top international organizations.


Want to know more about our outsourced call center services? Contact our team at +48 22 5725300 or