Katarzyna Cebulska-Bajera listed among the 50 Most Influential Women in Poland

We are pleased to inform that Mrs Katarzyna Cebulska- Bajera, the General Manager of Mellon Poland, has been ranked among the Top 50 influential women in Poland, and took the 33th position in the prestigious business magazine Home & Market. The featured women come from the world of business, sports, politics, entertainment and journalism.

The “List of the 50 most influential women in Poland” is a presentation of prominent women with a huge impact, representing various fields, including business, as well as celebrities.

Home & Market is magazine for Senior Managers. It publishes articles from practitioners, industry analysis based on the financial performance of the biggest companies and presents the results of client surveys.




Katarzyna Cebulska-Bajera is one of the most experienced IT managers in Poland. Within over 10 years of her professional career she acquired experience in the field of modern technologies in multinational corporations as Dell, Siemens and Fujitsu Technology Solution.

Her responsibility now is to provide complex management of Mellon Poland, a company which delivers specialized technological solutions and outsourcing services. Mellon Poland provides its services to companies operating on retail market on massive scale such as retail banks, insurance companies, public benefit corporations, telecom companies and retailers.

In July 2017, Katarzyna Cebulska-Bajera will receive the „Business Cheetah 2016” statuette, awarded to Mellon Poland by the European Business Institute. Surveys of the market carried out in the last two years prove that Mellon Poland’s marked value has increased by 21,8%.

”It is a significant achievement and proof that the company adopted the proper strategy. We focus on the quality of delivered services and solutions. It results in a stable growth for our business. The award belongs to the entire team of Mellon Poland, as it is their devotion and professional approach that bring such good results and make Mellon Poland one of the most significant players in the market.” comments Katarzyna Cebulska-Bajera.